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I love being able to know that each week my coupon inserts will arrive on my doorstep. That is because I use Insert Insanity coupon insert service.
Order your inserts, TODAY, and don't worry about being sure you will be getting your weekly inserts!

I want to encourage you to use a coupon insert to make your couponing live easier and even more effective. I have been using a coupon insert service, Insert Insanity, for more than 2 years. This is so I can make sure I am receiving some of the very best coupons that my local paper doesn't receive, plus I ensure myself of not missing out on any inserts.

Coupon insert services are valuable for several reasons:

1. They insure you that you will be receiving the coupon inserts and that you will not miss out. Have you ever realized it was late Sunday or even Monday and you had forgotten to pick up a Sunday newspaper. Sorry, you just missed out on coupons! At least from your local paper. But you may still have luck with a coupon service have left over inserts that you could score. However, if you were signed up or had placed your order you would already be insured your inserts

2. Most coupon services, like Insert Insanity, receive inserts from larger markets. That helps to provide you with the BEST available coupons. I can not tell you how many times I have searched my local newspaper's inserts for a key coupon to learn we did not receive it because we were a smaller market. Remember, manufacturer coupons can be released to certain markets only and those markets are often chosen based on market size or by specific region.

3. Coupon insert services also make it easy to obtain your inserts. You don't even have to leave your home to go pick up a newspaper on Sunday. With an insert service, the inserts arrive at your front door!

4. Score the number of inserts your need, your not limited to just one per week! I highly recommend that if you want to be able to score the REALLY BIG deals using coupons you need several inserts each week so you have multiple same coupons. Since some coupons are limiting you to a set number of "like" coupons, even some stores, such as Target, are beginning this practice, you may limit your number of inserts to 4-6. However, I still recommend (2) inserts per person in your household. This will allow you to be able to SAVE BIG and also stockpile. For our family of 5 I purchase (10) inserts per week. Think if you were having to purchase 10 newspapers a week. You would definitively have to go to a store to do this and sometimes you may even have to visit multiple stores.

If you feel that a coupon service would help make your couponing life easier and you want to give it a try I highly recommend using Insert Insanity. They are currently accepting new customers and would love to help and serve you.

Order your inserts now!


  1. My 2 cents: an important aspect to making the most of coupons is staying organized.
    I personally find too much paper very overwhelming so I organize my grocery coupons online using this free online app I found on http://eventbin.com
    With plastic binder and box file methods it is difficult if I want to sort quickly by expiration date or change my category or search by brand/store.

  2. my two cents ...paying 32 and over kinda defeats the purpose of saving(your paying the same price of each coupon OR more) ....when you can pay 50 cents for the sunday paper or get the coupon inserts in them free after they chuck the unsold papers(most stores don't care and will hand you the inserts or even the newspaper if you want them) heck where i live at people throw out the flyers they get in the mail and the coupons in the paper(scored 200 free health bars for free from mail flyers adds. i don't even think i had to pay taxes) i just don't see the point in this. paying for the service and rarely making out your self seems an un needed expense.