Friday, July 25, 2014

Coupon Binder (Yay or Nay) How I Organize Coupons

As you all know, I have tried so many ways of organizing my coupons over the several years. I have finally found a METHOD that I LOVE and that works for our family.
Above you will see the box that hosts 90% of my coupons!
This box has hanging file folders that are labeled with the insert date and name!
For example, the Red Folders are for Red Plum and then they have the insert date on them.
Most times with ad match ups, I am able to just pull the inserts and cut the coupons when I need them! I was so tired of spending SO MUCH time cutting and organizing coupons~

With getting 15-20 inserts a week, I do not have time to cut every coupon!
I do not regret ever using a coupon binder as it was a great tool to get me started. For those of you that swear by the binder system, GREAT!
I truly encourage you to do whatever works for you!
Everyone of us is different and that is why we work so well as a team!
Looking to get a binder, be sure to check out the Coupon Clutch system that I used for over a year~ Any loose coupons that I get from FREEBIES or in the Mail, etc, will be filed in my coupon clutch so that I do not misplace them!
I am anxious to hear your feedback on my new coupon organizing system!

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