Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to School: Save Money on Clothes

As a mom of 3, thinking of sending the kids back to school can be quite the ordeal. But, don't let shopping for back to school supplies and or clothes throw you for a loop. Our oldest kids, start kindergarten this year. They're already asking for different backpacks, lunchboxes, clothes, and shoes. Kindergarten, really??? Is it just me or are kids catching on to the "fashion trends" much earlier these days?

Here's some GREAT ways and ideas on how you can SAVE on "Back to School Clothes":
1) Shop for Clothes Year Round
* Its nothing for us to be shopping year round for clothes.There's nothing better than being able to pick up a winter coat during the month of February on Clearance and putting it away for next year.
Shopping the sales and grabbing the deals will feel great on your pocket book even if its a few months in advance.

2)  Shop Consignment Sales
* I have never been a big yard sale shopper, but to me, there's something about shopping "Consignment Sales". If you've never been to one, I encourage you to check them out. I LOVE being able to find name brand clothes at yard-sale prices! In addition, check your local sales for the "SALE days". Here where we live, the last few days of the sale are extra discounts and are an amazing opportunity to SAVE BIG.

3) Shopping Online
* In the past several months, we have scored way better deals shopping online than in the stores. I highly encourage you to check out the local department stores websites before heading out to the store. I think that you'll be surprised at the "Online Savings" available.

4) Save BIG with Coupons
* Stay tuned to The Coupon Centsation for all of the latest deals & greatest steals, when it comes to coupons. We'll keep you posted on the HOTTEST store coupons & savings throughout the year.  Retailers Facebook pages are a GREAT place to find coupons to use in-store and or online.

5) Have a Budget for Back to School
* This will be our 1st year creating and maintaining a "Back to School Budget". I think that it will help keep us on track and focused on the necessities. Watch your budget and stick to your list~

At this time of year, its very normal to get caught up in the Back to School excitement. Its almost as fun as Christmas shopping. However, keep in mind that its ABOUT your child's education and not about the fashion of the season~

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