Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lalaloospy Dot Doll Only $9.99!

Right now on Amazon you can pick up this Lalaloospy Dot Starlight Doll for only $9.99!

  • Dot Starlight was made from pieces of an astronaut's spacesuit, giving her a love for all things scientific
  • Sewn on the day the first man was on the moon; When her last stitch was sewn on July 21st, Dot Starlight magically came to life
  • With her cute pet bird, Dot Starlight watches the sky with her telescope
  • Dot Starlight Spends her fun-filled days in the magical world of Lalaloopsy Land
  • With a love for all things scientific, Dot Starlight likes to conduct experiments, explore and discover

This doll ships for free with Amazon Prime or Super Saver Shipping over $35.

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