Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Tree Storage Bags: Yay Or Nay???

Its that time of year again! Every year we hear the BIG DEBATE.........
"Christmas Tree Bags, Yay or Nay"

Coming from a household that puts up multiple trees, I am hands down all about using the Christmas Tree Storage Bags. I LOVE the fact that they're easy to use, take up less space, and are much more durable than a cardboard box. For the past 3-4 years we have been storing our Christmas trees in the storage bags and have not had any issues. Right now, you can score some pretty good deals on Christmas Tree Storage Bags on Amazon. I'm finding them for as low as $9.99~Keep Reading.......
One of the hardest parts of taking down Christmas Decorations is trying to put an artificial tree into a box. The branches NEVER want to fit and its a lot of hassle. The bags that we use have plenty of room and it causes for less stress and commotion while taking down the tree.

I would LOVE to hear your experience with Christmas Tree Storage Bags. As always, if you have other suggestions as to how to store holiday decor, I would LOVE to hear that too.

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