Thursday, November 7, 2013

Walmart was NOT Hacked "Glitch in the System" Update #2

Update: For some reason, I have gotten a cancelation notice with $10 Walmart Gift Card email below. But, I also just got a "You're item Shipped" email too.... Way confused! 
Any update from you on the "Walmart Glitch Orders"  

Its been nearly 24 hours and the BUZZ about the "Walmart Glitch" is still LIVE discussion on social media. Read the first report of the Walmart Glitch, HERE.

Then, there are the updated details regarding how Walmart is solving the problem:
Here is a detailed picture of the email that many are receiving.... Read more.....

While many or our readers were able to pick up their items at Walmart yesterday with no trouble. Many are reporting this email above late last night and even early this morning. Please note that while it is frustrating for those who ordered and are being canceled not to SCORE a good deal, I am thankful that Walmart is atleast keeping their customers in the loop!

I can honestly say that I am truly hoping that the Walmart Glitch does NOT happen again as its been a topic of discussion and struggle for some to understand.
If you placed a Walmart order yesterday during this occurance, we would LOVE to hear how things worked out for you!

In conclusion, thank you for your patience and understanding! While we strive very hard to bring our readers the latest deals and greatest steals, we know that situations like this make it hard! We will continue to do our very best to find you the HOTTEST prices on the MOST WANTED holiday items this season! As always, thanks for your patience!

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  1. I bought a few baby items for store pick up and was able to get them no problem