Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walmart Update on CRAZY LOW PRICE deals this morning!

While many of us thought that we were Black Friday shopping at Walmart Online this morning, it was truly just any other Wednesday! The Coupon Centsation provided many awesome deals this morning which many thought were in response to Walmart being "HACKED"
Here's the latest information regarding the LOW LOW prices at Walmart online this morning:
* Walmart was NOT "Hacked" today
* There was a glitch at Walmart online today, which has since been fixed
* We're hearing mixed response from Walmart as to if the deals will be honored. However, I can share that many of our readers have actually already picked up their items in the store!
Therefore, if your item is already ready for pick-up, we're encouraging to visit your local Walmart as soon as possible to claim the package.

When talking with Walmart Corporate, they did confirm that this was a "GLITCH" in the system. They have also said that prices will be honored before the "GLITCH" was caught. If you have questions regarding your purchase or experience, please feel free to call 1-800-Wal-Mart~

Please note: From former experience, Walmart does NOT have to honor prices and cancel orders at any time! Keep us posted on how things work out on your purchases.
As always, thank you for your readership! For more of the latest deals and greatest steals, stay tuned to The Coupon Centsation on Facebook.

Thanks My Litter


  1. Just my two cents here, but I don't feel that I could take advantage of extra low prices that were caused by a glitch in the system. To me doing that is the same as those that ransacked Walmart due to the glitch in the EBT system. I think that it is ethically and morally wrong.

  2. I had purchased a table top highchair for 7.28 and my order was canceled and they credited me back my money.