Thursday, November 7, 2013

Walmart Glitch Update #3

I cannot believe that the BUZZ about the "Walmart Glitch" is still surfacing on social media.
We want to know what the Walmart Glitch has done for you! Were you able to pick up your items at the local store or did you get a cancelation notice?

We have heard that many of our readers were able to successfully pick up their items without a problem. However, us on the other hand received a cancelation notice. In addition, I just received a $10 Gift Card from Walmart in my email inbox. If your order was canceled, check your email~
" Thank you for your understanding regarding our recent price error"
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  1. I received the $8.85 monitors I ordered to be shipped to home this morning. 3 separate orders all delivered. Haven't heard of anyone else receiving theirs... Did I just luck out?

  2. I picked up 2 of the bat caves for $7!