Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Milk Prices Doubling??? Prices up to $7 per Gallon?

No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a mom of three, I was so shocked to hear that CNN NEWS is reporting that Milk prices could double. If Congress refuses to pass the farm bill, milk prices are expected to double. In some parts of the country, milk is already $4 per gallon, making people dread the thought of paying $8 per gallon.

Here's the deal..........
As of today, Congress has not renewed the farm bill that renews federal support for dairy farmers. They must do something by December 31st, or we'll be seeing a HUGE increase in the price of milk. Keep in mind that not only could this impact the price of milk, but also infant formula.

What can you do if this happens?????
1) Use Coupons to help Save Money
2) Using Store Rewards to buy items like Milk that are RARE to find coupons for.
Ex. Using CVS Extra Care Bucks to get milk for FREE
3) Walmart and other stores pay overage when using coupons. Use the overage to pay for Milk

Fingers crossed!!!!!!
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