Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bath & Body Works: Buy 2 Get 4 FREE + FREE $10 Gift Card

Right now you can get FREE Bath & Body Works products and a FREE $10 Gift Card! If you are new to Ebates you will be able to score 4 FREE Bath & Body Works products + a FREE $10 Gift Card when you buy 2 Both & Body Works products!

Here's How:
  1. Sign up to Ebates (new members get a FREE $10 gift card)
  2. Type "Bath & Body Works" into the Ebates search engine
  3. Click "Shop Now" 
  4. On the top left, you will see Top Offers, click on the "Buy 3, Get 3 FREE Signature Items", & add 6 items to your cart
  5. Use the promo code TRYITON and your cart will get 4 FREE items
  6. Your total should include only 2 items + shipping and tax!
  7. What an amazing deal!
You'll also get a FREE $10 gift card to a store of your choice when you make your first purchase over $25 with Ebates, if you are a NEW member!

Thanks, Centless Deals!

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