Sunday, September 1, 2013

Amazon: The Land Before Time (Anniversary Edition) DVD Only $5.93

Amazon currently has The Land Before Time (Anniversary Edition) DVD for $5.93! This would make a great gift for anyone. Plus this item is eligible for FREE Shipping on orders over $25. 

The films focuses on an orphaned young dinosaur, Littlefoot, who has to make his way to the paradise of the Great Valley in order to survive a plague. Along the way, he meets up with some other dinos from different species (Cera (Triceratops), Petrie (Pteranodon), Ducky (Saurolophus), and Spike (Stegosaurus)), and they all bond and travel together. On the way, they have plenty of adventures. Even with elements of suspense, this is a pretty relaxed movie that isn't in a particular hurry to roll out its story. Kids will like the originality of the concept, and the themes of friendship and cooperation are well woven into the fabric of the entertainment, plus the music is great.

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