Friday, August 30, 2013

Daily Sale: FREE Cleavage Control Bra Clip

Right now Daily Sale it offering a FREE Cleavage Control Bra Clip for NEW customers! Plus shipping is FREE!

These handy bra clips offer lingerie ladies the chance to fashion figures with accessories other than bulky bands, by securing straps in perfect, out of sight place. A circular design with slits cut in, the clips join bra straps in the center of the back, converting once straight straps into a racer back look. For those suffering from bras boasting saggy straps, clips pull straps together, effectively lifting and boosting the bust of each adorner.
Provides greater lift and support, reduces discomfort and eliminates falling bra straps. To increase dramatic results of cleavage, use on your favorite under wire bra and place the clip close to the nape of your neck. The higher the clip, the tighter the straps, the greater the results. Improves your posture. Transforms your favorite bra into a racerback, miracle bra or support bra. Clips on your bikini top, for a shapely, sexier look. Perfect for racer backs and tank tops. Say good-bye to sports bras that flatten you! Go from flat to fabulous! Color: Random. Style: Random. Quantity: 1.

Thanks, Hunt 4 Freebies

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