Saturday, August 31, 2013

Constellation Turtles: 66% off!!!!

Are your kids already talking about their Christmas list??? Our kids have been begging for a DreamLites for Months. The BIG CRAZE this year for the Christmas season will be DreamLites, I just know it!!!!!! If you're looking to satisfy the gift, there is a 66% off SALE on these adorable Constellation Turtles. I know that my daughter is begging me right now for the pink one~ I can get 2 of these for less than the price of one DreamLite. Hurry over and let us know what you think. CLICK HERE To go straight to the sale.
BE SURE TO CLICK on the KIDS Category if you have a hard time finding them... 
The Constellation Night Light Twilight Turtle with Music transforms the concept of the night light. This Turtle turns your little one's bedroom into a relaxing and wonderful space of sweet dreams. The lights project a soft and subtle reflection of a starry night sky and the smooth music soothes your pride and joy off to sleep in a peaceful manner. Enjoy a relaxing and restful bedtime with this innovative and sweet night light.

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