Monday, May 13, 2013

Homemade Smoothies: Its more than Fruit........

So proud..... Its not everyday that I share something from home with you, but this is an accomplishment/milestone. For those that know me well, they would tell you that I don't eat/like vegetables. I have NEVER been a vegetable eater. With all the diets and weight loss programs that we have tried, I have still NEVER liked veggies.

Currently, I am really enjoying running. While the weight is coming off, I have heard that even more will come off with eating vegetables. Ha! So, guess what I did???? I am loving smoothies in the morning and evenings as a snack. Today, I added some greens to the fruit. Yes, you are reading that right, Spinach!
I was very hesitant to give it a try, but it was actually pretty good! If you're like me and don't like vegetables, try and incorporate them to your diet by trying this....
Frozen Raspberries & Pineapple
Handful of Spinach
Fresh Strawberries
1/2 cup ice

I'll keep you posted how it goes~ Thanks for celebrating the small things with me!

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