Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Baseball Season! Don't Miss a Game with MLB.TV

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Alright, I would be in the wrong if I, a male, did not provide you with information on MLB.tv and its value. Both Jennifer and I are huge St. Louis Cardinals fans and we love our baseball. It is something you are born with in St. Louis, for sure. The baseball itch is here thanks to Spring Training and the World Baseball Classic.

Even though we now live in Alabama I made sure that we would not miss out on our beloved Cardinals. That is why we decided to get MLB.tv and boy are we rewarded. Not only do we get to watch every game in stunning HD on our TVs but we can also watch it on our iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computer when we are not at home. We also can listen to the radio broadcast when we are in the car!

Right now, too, you can even enjoy watching Spring Training games which can be hard to find on cable.

MLB offers two different options, a basic and a premium service, to choose from. The basic is just $19.99 a month and the premium is only $24.99 a month. The premium service is what I have because it provides both the home and away feeds and also includes, for FREE, the AtBat app that allows me the ability to view games on my mobile devices.

The pricing may not seem like a deal but IT IS. Compare it to having to pay $35.99 a month for MLB's Extra Innings on Directv, Charter, Verizon Vios, Time Warner, Comcast, Bright House Networks and other cable carriers. That means, MLB.tv can save you nearly $100 a year!

I love it and if you or your significant other are baseball fanatics, too, MLB.tv is a MUST!


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