Thursday, January 3, 2013

Couponing 101 Lesson 1: An Introduction to Couponing & How To SAVE Like a Pro

Today's couponing is not the same couponing as that done by your mothers and grandmothers and with a little knowledge what appears as just simple savings can become BIG DEAL savings.

How about paying just $0.86 (total savings of $0.99) for all of this:

Or purchasing (9) Dove deodorants for FREE and only having to pay the tax of $0.81.

Or all of this for just $0.38 (total savings of 99.5%)

Over the next few weeks I will help shine light on how you can grab these type of deals, as well.

Couponing as a Lifestyle
How many times have you tried dieting? Initially, you can gain some success and loose a few pounds but as the weeks wear on you begin to fall back on old habits and slowly the pounds return. Those of you who have seen long time dieting success did so because you made it a lifestyle and not a temporary fix.

The same is true with couponing. If you are planning on just getting some short term savings and are not looking for long term increased savings over time, don't plan on gaining the savings shown above. To be able to score these types of deals on a regular basis you need to commit to the lifestyle of couponing.

In making this a lifestyle change, there will be obstacles that may cause you to consider giving it up and going back to your old lifestyle of overspending. You will need to stay positive to help make it through the first few months. Yes, the first few months. It won't just happen overnight. How many coupons do you have in your coupon keeper today? A week's worth? Two week's worth? Or do you have multiple months worth?

If you are a beginning or novice "Clipper" you likely just have a few week's worth of coupons and you also likely don't have a clue as to what coupons you have or when they expire. Right away you are facing obstacles that will inhibit you from those BIG savings.

DON'T WORRY and just relax as I will help you to get past these obstacles and help you to real in those BIG FISH of deals.

First, set initial goals that can be obtainable. A realistic goal is to try to save about 25% on your first couple of grocery trips. As the first month of couponing comes to an end your goal should be nearing 50% off in savings. Now, these are realistic goals but there are obstacles that could slow this progress a bit.
1. Having enough coupons in your stash to garner the BIG savings
2. Missing the Sales Cycles
3. Simply becoming organized and more familiar with the lifestyle

The key is to STAY POSITIVE and STICK WITH IT and in turn you will WATCH YOUR SAVINGS GROW


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