Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Survey: Earn $5 CASH for QUICK Survey

Update: Many fans have reported receiving $5 cash in the mail just to fill out a quick survey. My Survey ROCKS!!!!! I'll take an extra $5 anytime! 

Here's how you can start earning $$$$:
1) Sign-up for My Survey for FREE.
2) Make sure to CONFIRM your email address as you will NOT start earning $$$ or receiving surveys until you do that.
3) Enjoy the extra $$$$ for little time. 

 Many of you have been sharing your experience with taking surveys online and how you are enjoying having a little extra cash in your pocket. Participating in surveys is a GREAT way to get some extra Christmas CASH! Well, good news! My Survey one of my favorite online survey companies is accepting applications now. There are several features that I LOVE about My Survey.
* User friendly
* Quick& Easy surveys
* High payouts
* Reliable
For every 1100 points you earn, you will get $10 in pay pal credit. Here lately, many of our fans have been receiving 2-3 surveys a day! Good luck and I can't wait to see how you do. To get started earning MONEY, sign up with My Survey~

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