Friday, July 6, 2012

The Freshest Loaf of Bread.... Do you Know how to Tell???

Are you tired of trying to find fresh bread in the grocery store?? During the summer months, I find that its harder and harder to find fresh bread. For years, I have wondered why there are different color bread tags on the wrappers of packaged bread. Well, guess what???? Those colored bread labels actually have meaning!
Now that we know the "Bread Code System", we can find the freshest loaf of bread in seconds!
After you learn the system, you'll be able to do the same! Here's the details:

Look at the bread system like the alphabet. The colors of the bread system run in alphabetical order!
Blue: Monday
Green: Tuesday
Red: Thursday
White: Friday
Yellow: Saturday

Until I could learn the system, I printed a copy of the "BREAD CODE SYSTEM and took it with me when I shopped! You'll never forget how to find the freshest bread on the shelf.

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  1. This depends in the company.I work at a bakery and this isn't the same order we use

  2. earthgrains is red white blue yellow orange

  3. Or you can just read the Expiration Date!

  4. The color tags have to do when we pull the bread. Saturday was the 7th and the tag was blue not yellow that I pulled and the date on the tag said July 8th. If they do their bread wall right just reach in the back and if they double stacked, take the one on the bottom. Also the ed caps (or islands)always have the fresh bread because people buy those faster because they are easier to see. But if you get someone who does not do their job right they will put the new in the front or even the middle and the old in the very back. So check those dates. Everything fresh should be in the back so that is where I always pull from first and then I check the date. :o)