Friday, June 22, 2012

Publix: Our Shopping Trip

Shopping with coupons is oh so much fun! This week, the hubby prepared the Publix Coupon Match-up, pulled the coupons that we needed, and actually did the shopping! I was so excited to see how much he scored with coupons! Want to hear the best part??? He took a grocery shopping list with him and did not buy 1 item that was NOT on the list. What a great listener :)

Here's the breakdown of the trip and total savings:

 If you're planning on doing shopping at Publix, be sure to check out the Publix Match-up for coupons and other ways to SAVE this week.

Our Grocery Cart: 
5 Maruchan Yokosoda: FREE with Overage
6 Boxes of Magnum Ice Cream bars
2 Hellman's Mayo
10 Nabisco Cracker Boxes
2 Barilla Plus Pasta boxes
5 Oscar Mayer Bologna
14 Lunchable Snack Duos
7 (4-cup) Kraft Mac N Cheese Cups
1 Loaf Bakery Bread

Total: 83% SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!! 
Bakery Cookie: our son enjoyed a sweet treat while shopping

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