Sunday, June 3, 2012

Couponing Tip: How to Shop with Multiple Transactions

Today, we're talking about how to SAVE with coupons by checking out in multiple transactions. As you know, to score the latest deals & greatest steals, sometimes you need to check out separately! CVS is one of the stores that I check out multiple times quite often! I LOVE to use the Extra Care Bucks earned on future purchases during the same shopping trip!
For example, my CVS shopping trip this week is pictured on the left! We have 5 transactions that we'll be doing. Let me explain!

Here are some tips to remember and help you strategize using multiple transactions to SAVE more money with coupons.
The first part of checking out multiple times is having everything organized!
* We use a shopping list (Everything is broken down into transactions)
Ex. Transaction #1: xxxxxxx
Transaction #2: xxxxxxxx
You can see an example HERE. As you can see, I like to have all of the items that we're to purchase, the cost, the coupons needed, the rewards/bonus, and the total out of pocket.

Next, we get our coupons ready:
* We clip our coupons based on the sales ads. You can read more about how we organize coupons HERE.
* Each transaction has its own Ziploc Bag labeled.
* In the bag, you will find the coupons needed for that transaction
( The bags that you see pictured were bought after the holiday and we re-use them each week)

When shopping at the stores, we have learned how to shop without getting transactions confused! You'll never believe it! Here is what we do:
1) Walk into the Store
2) Grab a shopping cart
3) Grab enough shopping baskets for the # of transactions that we're doing
4) Then, we put the baskets in the cart to use as transaction dividers. This keeps it simple and allows things to flow at the checkout!

In conclusion, shopping with coupons is fun and saves us a TON of money! Its all about being organized and keeping it simple. I hope that you find this helpful tip will help you in your couponing journey! For more couponing tips, be sure to check out The Coupon Centsation 101 Coupon Class Posts.

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