Saturday, June 23, 2012

Apps To Use To Save Money At The Gas Pump

Last weekend, I provided tips to help you keep your fuel costs down. This weekend, I am going to provide you with some great travel apps that you can add to your phone and other mobile devices that will help you as you make your journeys this summer from across town to across the country. Here are some of the ones I have found and use:

Find the Lowest Price on Gasoline

My favorite app to use to find which gas station has the lowest gasoline prices is GasBuddy. The GasBuddy app is FREE and is AWESOME. I use it just around town and when I am on the road. I simply pull it up and look at the stations near me. It will provide a list of nearby gas stations and their lowest price per gallon. It is GREAT for when you are traveling and want to know if you should get off at the next exit or the one just past for the cheapest gasoline.

The GasBuddy App is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and for Blackberry.

AAA TripTik

A second app that helps you find the lowest gas prices also help you with directions, finding a hotel, find a place to catch a bite to eat, locate an attraction or a car repair location. Additionally, you can plot a route from point A to point B and get GPS, voice guided directions. This app is provided by AAA, the AAA TripTik App. Growing up, I remember my grandparents heading out on their annual travels and a week or so prior to leaving they would head down to the AAA office and get a TripTik. Now, you can still go to the AAA office and get the old fashioned TripTik or you can use this App instead. You don't even need to be a AAA member to utilize this app, either. The app is FREE and available for Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Should You Buy Gas Today or Wait Until Tomorrow?

How many times have you gone to fill up just to notice the next day the price per gallon had fallen, maybe by as much as $0.10! Here is a really useful app that has been, surprisingly, accurate, Gas Price Forecaster. This app predicts the price of gas for the next day versus the current price and lets you know whether gas prices will be higher, lower or the same. The cost of the app is just $1, a price that allows for it to easily pay itself in just a fill-up! Gas Price Forecaster is available for both Apple and Android Devices.

Track Your Fuel Economy, Easily!

The Gas Cubby app, for Apple devices, will help you to maintain a close watch on your vehicles fuel efficiency. The app is easy to use and FREE. Simply enter the following when you fill up:

  • Odometer Reading
  • Gallons of Fuel Pumped
  • Cost per gallon of Fuel

The app will then provide you with your fuel economy numbers and will begin to track your fuel economy from fill up to fill up.

My hope is that these apps will assist you in saving more money and having more to have fun with this summer!

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