Wednesday, May 16, 2012

**RARE & HOT** Coupon to Cool Off With: Nestle Drumsticks

I can remember going over to grandma's as a child and rushing to here garage where there was the extra freezer. I would open it up and there before me were several boxes of delicious Nestle Drumsticks. I would grab mine and start my trip to grandmas on a cool and happy note.

If  you are like myself and my children and LOVE Nestle's Drumsticks, too, you better be quick and snag up this rare $1 off coupon. I know it likely won't last long.
Walmart has the (4) pack for $3.28 and the (8) pack for $5.47. If you would purchase (2) 8-packs and use the coupon the cost per cone would be just $0.62 compared to $0.70 if you purchase (2) 4-packs.

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