Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Told You This Week's Publix Ad is **HOT**, Includes PEPSI Next Money Maker

I was so excited after putting together the ad match up for Publix, yesterday, that I headed right on out last evening and did some shopping. Even found an additional bargain while there when I found the $1/1 Pepsi Next 2 L Publix Coupon that I was able to combine with my manufacturer coupon of $0.55/1. So combining the two coupons and using the 3 for $4 sale price it made it a $0.22 money maker!

I did so well shopping that I was not able to get it all in one picture. So here are two pictures from my Publix shopping trip, 05/02/2012. All I spent for all of this was JUST $14.50! That was a total savings of 85%!

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