Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Couponing 101 with the CouponCentsation: Staying Organized Part 3

We finish the section on getting your coupons organized by discussing the method of my choice, the file method. With this method, there is A LOT LESS clipping going on as I simply take my inserts and place them directly into a file folder and file them away, complete insert and all.

So how does that sound? When you get your Sunday coupon inserts all you have to do is file them away and your done. No more taking your inserts and clipping out all of the coupons, sorting them and then organizing them in an organizer.

The key with this method is to make sure you label your file folders so you can easily locate your inserts and that is really about it. At first, I was placing each insert type for each week in its own file folder but now just put an entire week into the same folder and label the folder by the date.

The reason I transitioned to this method, about a year ago, was to better take advantage of ad match ups and coupon databases. If you look at the ad match ups I provide you, you will notice that I mention what insert and date to use for matching coupons. Locating coupons for a match up is SOOO easy, now. For example, if I am looking for a coupon from RP 01/01/2012 all I have to do is pull the 01/01/2012 file and look for the RP insert, find the coupon and clip. That is it.

With the old method of preclipping the coupons I would have to look through all of my clipped coupons and search for the coupon(s) I needed. Think of the time spent in cutting and now searching that has been used. With this filing method I spend a lot less time in the entire process and it WORKS.

Give this method a try and I am sure you will be asking, "why didn't I do this faster?"

Happy Couponing!

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