Thursday, March 1, 2012

Couponing 101 with the Couponcentsation: Get The Biggest Bang From Your Coupons, Be Organized (Part 2)

Last class, we discussed getting organized and its importance. We also discussed the basic organization many of us began doing, Categorical Organization. Today, we take a step further but based still on Categorical Organization.

Once you begin clipping and organizing your coupons by category you may find that simply paper clipping them or filing them in a coupon organizer or recipe card holder doesn't work well for you. If this is true, it is probably because you cannot easily see the coupons that you have. This was my case and was the reason why I began using a coupon binder.

Simply, a coupon binder is similar to a baseball card holder with numerous clear sheet protectors that have individual pockets for individual coupons. They also normally have dividers so you can divide your binder into categorical divisions. With a binder, you can easily see the coupons you have per category. Simply flip through your binder and find the one(s) you need and you are ready to go. 

While this is not the main method I use today, still use my binder regularly. It is what I take the coupons I am using for a particular trip in. This way I can simply look at them and verify what I need to pick up and then just slide them out at the register. You may have seen myself or others at your grocery store flipping through their binders.

You can either make your own binder or you can purchase one that is ready to go and usually has a nice cover and sometimes even a method of attaching to your shopping cart. One option that you can use to purchase a coupon binder is, The CouponClutch. I have worked with the CouponClutch and they are offering my readers a special discount on any order. If you are interested in obtaining a CouponClutch binder make sure to use the special promo code: TheCouponCentsation to save 10%.

Pros and Cons of Categorical Organization and Coupon Binders
Here are a few pros and cons I have with regards to the Categorical Organization method. 
  • It Keeps Your Coupons Organized
  • Makes Finding Your Coupons Easier to Do
  • Binders Make Your Coupons Easily Visible
  • Coupons Easily Ready to take with you

  • Time Consuming
  • Cut-Cut-Cut (Too Much Cutting)
  • Unless Using a Coupon Binder, Hard to Know What You Have, Quickly
  • Can Easily Waste Time (Think time cutting a coupon and then never using it because it expired)
  • Can't Easily Do Ad Match-Ups
  • Use of Coupon Databases Nearly Useless
  • While this is not my method of choice, it may be yours and that is TERRIFIC. Again, the most important thing is that you are organized and are able to maximize the use of your coupons.
In our next session I will go over the method of choice for me, the NON-CLIPPING method.

Happy Clipping!

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