Monday, January 2, 2012

Laundry Detergent: ONLY $6 a Year

Can you believe that you can ONLY pay $6 to have a whole year supply of laundry detergent???

The other night, I went to dinner with some girlfriends. Of course, we ended up sharing some frugal, money saving, coupon tips. My friend, Amanda was sharing that she will never have to find deals on Laundry Detergent as she has made the best deal herself! She can provide a whole years supply of laundry detergent for ONLY $6. I cannot wait to try this recipe myself. 

Here's what you will need:
5 gallon bucket with lid (You can find these at Home Depot)
Ivory bar soap
Arm and Hammer WASHING soda.

1) Grate 1 bar of Ivory bar soap and add it to a sauce pan with 3 cups of water.
2) Over Medium heat stir the soap and water till the soap has dissolved.
3) Meanwhile, fill the 5 gal. bucket 1/2 full with warm tap water.
4) Add 1 cup Borax and 1 1/2 cup Arm and Hammer Washing Soda to the bucket and mix well.
When the soap has dissolved in the saucepan add that to the bucket stirring well and topping the bucket off with water.

5) Then fill your empty store bought soap containers half full of soap and half full of water and shake. You are done!

* It is important to remember that the mixture can settle and so before using you may need to shake the container a bit and befre refilling the bottles you will need to stir the mixture in the bucket.


  1. So even cheaper if you can get a bucket for free!

  2. wow this sounds like a great idea, how is it for getting stains out though? My kids play baseball and softball and i do spray them but it helps to have good detergent to. thanks!

  3. Will this work for a front load washing machine?

  4. Can a different soap be used such as dove bar soap?

  5. @mallory_castille... I have heard that you can use any kind of bar of soap. I'm going to use lever 2000 and my daughter is using dove.

  6. I tried this and my clothes just would not get clean..... I even tried using an extra rinse cycle. I have a friend that swears by it, but having 3 kids and a hubby that enjoys outdoors, it is a waste of time and the clothes never look really clean.

  7. @Felicia I hear that sometimes if you have hard water you might need to adjust the amount of borax that you use. Some people even double the borax. I use a similar recipe for my dishwasher detergent and my dishes have never been as clean with the store bought stuff as they are when I make it. Perhaps you should give it another try and make a small batch first.

  8. has anyone tried this with Zote? The pink bar?

  9. I tried this with Ivory and was uber excited to save $ but was not pleased with the cleaning power. Back to Tide, only from Walgreen's sales.

  10. @shelley you might consider adding 1/2 cup of oxyclean to it. I have heard that it really boost up the cleaning power. I just did that today and I'll try it tomorrow. Also, I used lever 2000 and OMG it smells sooooooooooo GREAT!!! Can't wait to try it.

  11. Is this safe for HE washers??