Saturday, December 3, 2011

Groupon Deal: Give Omaha Steaks this Holiday Season

Watching for the deals we have been able to take advantage of several Omaha Steak deals over the past couple of months and man is the meat good! Today, Groupon is offering a GREAT Omaha Steak deal, actually deals. The are offering 3 deals so there should be one that fits into your budget. Take advantage of the deals for yourself or as gifts. When browsing for this deal you may have to look on the right side of the page under "More Great Deals".

Here are the individual deals 

  • For $45, you get a Joyful Gift Pack (a $107.99 value, including shipping) that includes:
    • Two 5-ounce top sirloins
    • Four 4-ounce Omaha Steaks burgers
    • 10 potatoes au gratin
    • Four caramel-apple tartlets
  • For $75, you get a Tastes of the Season gift pack (a $201.99 value, including shipping) that includes:
    • Two 6-ounce filet mignons
    • Four 5-ounce top sirloins
    • Two 4.5-ounce fillets of sole stuffed with scallops and crabmeat
    • Four 3-ounce gourmet franks
    • Two 4-ounce boneless pork chops
    • Four 4-ounce Omaha Steaks burgers
    • Eight potatoes au gratin
  • For $90, you get a Holidays at Home Collection gift pack (a $211.99 value, including shipping) that includes:
    • Six 5-ounce bacon-wrapped filet mignons
    • Six 5-ounce top sirloins
    • Eight potatoes au gratin
    • 6-inch Chocolate Lover's cake
Omaha Steaks carves custom cuts of protein to be vacuum-packed and flash-frozen for fresh arrival at kitchens across the country. Family chefs sate growling grill tongs with lean top sirloin, culled from the center of the cut for extra tenderness due to its close proximity to the beef's molten core. With the second and third options, naturally aged morsels of grain-fed filet mignon succumb easily to steak knives, revealing a juicy pink interior. The Tastes of the Season gift pack also packs an arsenal of burgers, franks, and pork chops to be grilled during yuletide get-togethers or chestnut-juggling competitions. Shredded spuds swim in a creamy sauce within prebrowned breading to forge individual servings of potatoes au gratin, playing savory complement to the decadent chocolate cake in the Holidays at Home Collection. Each item comes individually wrapped and lands on doorsteps nestled in a dry-ice-equipped cooler, ensuring that even the longest journey keeps feasts fresh, flavorful, and well versed in freezer etiquette.

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