Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Special Kohl's Savings Code Provided to the Fan's of the Coupon Centsation

I have been working with Kohl's to help obtain even more savings for you my readers and fans and they have rewarded you with a special savings code. This code will provide you with an additional 10% savings on purchases of $100 or more at But here is the bonus, you can use this code in combination with other discounts on the site. Remember, you can use those Kohl's cash dollars and their is also a 20% off EVERYTHING code both valid through December 5 you can add to this to add to the savings.

Oh yeah, here is that bonus code: LOVE2GIVE

Begin your Kohl's shopping trip here.

1 comment:

  1. hmmm, I tried using both codes and it didn't work. I entered HOLLY20 first, then LOVE2GIVE, and this message popped up: "We're sorry, but the Promo Code LOVE2GIVE is an exclusive offer that cannot be used with the code(s) you have already entered. Please check the details of the offer(s)" I also tried removing both codes and switching the order, and it still didn't work :( Any suggestions?