Sunday, May 29, 2011

FREE Bottle of Kids N Pets Carpet Cleaner

Those of you with kids and or pets, this product is for YOU!!!!!!!
We have been using this product at our house for the past 18 months. It is somewhat hard to find, but Target and Walmart carry it all the time! We have considering buying it in bulk from the website as we use so much of it! Having been pregnant, I cannot stand the smell of many cleaners including RESOLVE! This cleaner has no odor and is BY FAR THE BEST carpet cleaner we have EVER used!
Become a fan of Kids 'n' Pets on Facebook and you will receive a free bottle of any Kids 'n' Pets product! First, become and fan of their page, Kids N Pets. They will then allow you to visit their photo page and print a coupon! AMAZING DEAL! Please post your feedback here once you have tried it!!!!!!


  1. This is my favorite cleaner by far. It gets almost anything out. I can pour it on and leave it and not come back to a room that reeks of chemicals. I have also considered buying it in bulk. The best cleaning that I have done with it is my toddler's pee stained mattress. I follow the directions and it all came out and no left over smell. I can't wait to get my free bottle! Thanks for the link

  2. Out of the 10+ products I have used this year training my stubborn puppy, this is the ONLY one to have removed the smell. This product saved me from having to buy a new rug. And as if this product wasn't already a miracle worker, it's the simplest of all the products I have used! No water, no rags (for odor at least). I squirt it on my shag rug and rub my fingers through it like I'm shampooing my hair, and my work is done! I haven't used it on stains so I can't rate how it works for that. I feel at ease having found this product and feel as if literally a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My only complaint is I have to use a lot to completely saturate and rid the smell, however it is very reasonably priced so I buy 2 air 3 at a time without breaking my wallet. It smells like cheap cherry car air fresheners. It doesn't make the whole room smell, just if you put your nose to it. I always get my pet products from home depot or the pet section at walmart but this was in the cleaning section at walmart which is why it took me so long to try it. Thanks for the coupon!!

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