Thursday, March 31, 2011

Make Money while Grocery Shopping with Coupons!

Grocery shopping with coupons saves a TON of money!
But, how about getting paid with rewards including gift cards just by grocery shopping???
I have FINALLY signed up to do this activity with my kids!
Now, when I come home from the grocery store, they will be able to play "Store" by using the Nielson scanner program. This will allow me to report what I have bought at the store and all I have to do is plug the scanner that Nielson sends me for FREE into my computer for them to track the information! To make this deal even better, when I use coupons, I earn more rewards!
So, here are the basics:
Grocery shop with coupons
Scan your groceries
If you want more rewards, report your coupons
The twins are always wanting to help with shopping and with coupons~
It seems as if I have found the method to allow them to do both while earning me rewards at the same time~ HURRY as they are only able to accept a certain number of participants from each region


  1. I got accepted for this last week but I haven't read anywhere about points for using coupons. Can you tell me where you saw this?

  2. I just got my acceptance email as well. My husband is asking the same question. "What do we get out of this?"

  3. How long did it take to get the acceptance email??

  4. I have been a Nielsen Home Scan member for almost a year and have never heard of extra points for coupons?

  5. I received the scanner but I am a little leery if it will be a lot of work for nothing.

  6. I applied and got an email but don't know if it is an acceptance email or what. I guess I will wait and see