Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coupon Inserts from the Coupon Wizard!!!!!!!!

Are you tired of chasing down the Sunday paper on a busy Sunday morning just to get your coupon inserts? Are you tired of buying multiple papers and not getting the best of the best coupons out there? Would you like to get your inserts at a discounted rate when buying in bulk? If you answered YES to any and or all of these questions, you are missing out by not looking at The Coupon Wizard's Insert Service
When out shopping and getting the FREEBIES and GREAT BARGAINS, people often ask me how I can do it so many times. I answer to them by saying I buy between 15-20 inserts each week! The Wizard recommends that you buy 2 papers for every person in your household. Yes, I only have a family of 5, but with doing strategic couponing, I am fortunate enough to bless others that are less fortunate or going through a tough time!
Be sure and click The Coupon Wizard's Insert Service to order your inserts NOW!!!!!


  1. I love their service!! You may be concerned about getting them late in the week but they are in Florida and I am in Ohio and because they ship on Saturday I got mine on Monday!! Awesome people!!


  2. I love getting my inserts from them! I got them on Monday this week and I got even more good deals.